This is the synthesis

Referral only
Underground coach
Private eye

This has been my consulting vibe the past few years.

After hours
Sunrise hours

These are still very much the norm here.

Helping women build wealth without the burnout.
Falling in love with managing their own money.
Calibrating their cash flow over cocktails.

Where the practical meets the energetic for life, love, money and everything in between.

Finely tuned

Dawn on the Washington coast

Focusing on optimal net worth for optimal options.

And while I keep the details of my clientele private, I’m choosing to be public again.

It’s beyond time. Time Broker style.

Alternative futures await.

1 thought on “This is the synthesis”

  1. Hello, Dawn!

    Who knew you were a strength and endurance athlete? And seemingly, you carry that mentality over to your day over precious day-to-day! I believe the answer to every question is yes– before saying, No. You always impressed me as someone who kept her own counsel. Now, I’m just plain impressed by your adventuring spirit. I’m intrigued by your financial consulting. The plot thickens…

    Deane Funk

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