42 going on 50: Time jumping with Human Design

I’ve always loved various ways to splice and dice personality through different modalities ever since I took the Myers-Briggs MBTI test several years ago (INFJ – Advocates represent!). The short list includes StrengthsFinder, Kolbe, Gene Keys, and even good old-fashioned astrology to name a few. (Although, I never got a clear read on what Enneagram number I supposedly am, but I digress.)

I understand that it’s impossible to simplify our human complexities down to a specific archetype or pseudoscientific test. To me, the real joy is taking all of these insights, layering, combining the results, and seeing them as different lenses and perspectives to understand myself (and others) better.

So I’d love to share what I’ve been reflecting on about my Human Design recently.

6/2 – the Role Model / Hermit

In Human Design, I’m a 6/2 Sacral Generator*:

  • Line 6 is formally known as the “Role Model,” and is my “conscious” line, or how I present more consciously out into the world.
  • Line 2 is the “Hermit,” and is more how I operate on a subconscious level.
  • *The “Sacral Generatorpart gets more complicated, and I may write about that in the future, but not today

Where this gets tricky sticky is that the Role Model/Line 6 actually goes through 3 phases, which is unlike any other line.

Dawn at Convoy Music Bar, San Diego, California on NYE

The 3 phases of a Line 6

  • Until age 30, people with a Line 6 operate instead as a Line 3, a.k.a. the “Martyr,” where we spend much of our energy in phases of trial and error (aka “Trial By Fire”)
  • During the ages of 30 to 50, we enter more of a contemplative, reevaluation of everything that we’ve experienced those first 30 years (basically unpacking all the Trauma Drama)
  • Around age 50, the integration really sticks from all our life experiences and lessons and we are now able to fully embody the Role Model archetype (=Yay! We’re wise!)

Where I’ve been stuck since diving into Human Design is that I can use this hypothetical timeline to hold myself back and as an excuse to just “wait until I’m 50.” And my Line 2 as the “Hermit” reinforces this, where I tend to recharge in solitude.

What I recently realized is that in order to be a Role Model, I have to share my lived experience, and I have to continue living those expansive experiences in this transitional period of 30 to 50.

And I have not been sharing. Instead I went into strategic silence mode.

For years.

I thought maybe I should just live as a quiet hermit off the grid until I’m deemed “wise enough” at age 50.

So I moved to a tiny beach town on the Washington coast at the height of Covid lockdowns. At that point, I was separated from my (then) husband of 17 years.

Initially, I first explored moving to San Diego (go figure!), but California had other lockdown rules in place at the time with short-term rentals. Then on a wild hair, I checked Zillow and found a place on the water in Ocean Shores, Washington, and I jumped on it.

I figured I might as well be some place beautiful with my alone time.

What has unfolded these past 4 years of silence has been kismet, synchronicity and a series of intense initiations.

All of it deserves its own novel, and all will be revealed in due time.

I’m finally tuning into the Role Model frequency 8 years early, refining as I go in real time, and connecting and encouraging those on the same path.

So here we go!

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